black_coffie (black_coffie) wrote in cigarette_glam,

Cigar Premiere in Russia

There was one of the first cigar in Russian history, world premiere: Håkon Aanonsen, Norway, presented the cigar label Chess. The new Dominican brand has six sizes - the number of chess pieces. In Moscow, were tasted three: short-short robusto, gordito and Chess Extreme.

By the cigars the company introduced the Grand Cru of the accompaniment of five drinks: wine, port wines, brandies, grappa.

And in the evening the participants were able to confirm this: they smoked Norwegian-Dominican cigars, they were asked about the variety of port Hawk represented in Norway. It turned out, for example, that the new Cuban ruler Behikeuzhe two or three weeks will go to Norway, while in Moscow it is expected only in November 2010. Norway has already sold CohibaGrandReserva, where there is not in Russia ( more ... )

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